Aerosolex completes commissioning of high purity dimethyl ether production plant

Aerosolex has successfully completed final commissioning of its high purity dimethyl ether production plant in Dzerzhinsk, Nizhny Novgorod region and now operates at full capacity.

“We have completed commissioning of the production plant and reached the planned production level of 1.25 tons per hour. Regarding the quality of our products, we are proud to announce that the target level was exceeded — we achieved a sustainable production level of 99.999% purity dimethyl ether with a residual water level of less than 4 ppm and methanol level of less than 1 ppm. Many Russian and European customers have already tested our product and will be purchasing it for their production on a regular basis,” said Ivan Kisurin, CEO of Aerosolex LLC.

The Aerosolex plant was opened in autumn 2018 and in December 2018 the company was licensed as a hazardous industrial facility. In April 2019, Aerosolex was licensed for flammable, explosive and chemically hazardous operations of I, II and III classes (license No.ВХ-00-017352).

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