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Certified Products

Aerosolex is a direct supplier of high-purity Propelan® dimethyl ether registered in the European Chemical Association No. Reach 01-2119472128-37-0016.

Pickup and delivery

There are 2 options for product delivery:
The company provides product delivery in its own 20-foot T-50 stainless steel tank containers (technical information on operating tank containers).

Aerosolex customers can purchase and pick up Propelan® dimethyl ether in their own containers, once the latter have been inspected, and upon inspection of all the necessary certificates and documents guaranteeing their cleanliness.

The address for pick up is: Aerosolex production facility in the Synthesis Eastern industrial area, Nizhny Novgorod Region, Dzerzhinsk (instructions for drivers).

Deferred payments

Regular customers have the option of arranging deferred payment on the basis of a review of these documents.

Product stock

Aerosolex maintains a stock reserve of the most-requested products, which ensures uninterrupted deliveries to regular customers.

Quality warranty

Every batch of delivery-ready product has a quality certificate issued on the basis of testing by the outgoing product control service at Aerosolex laboratory.