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Industries we serve

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Cosmetic products

• hair sprays
• body deodorants
• mousses and styling foams for hair
• dry shampoos

Household chemicals

• room sprays and air fresheners
• repellents
• antistatic agents
• stain removers and dry-cleaning supplies
• disinfectants
• cleaning and polishing products
• electronic device cleaners
• chemicals and cosmetic products for cars

Construction materials

• polyurethane foam
• foam cleaners
• foamed thermal insulating materials
• extruded polystyrene (XPS)

Paints and coatings

• aerosol paints
• varnishes
• enamels

Extracts production

• high-quality solvent for the production of various extracts and essential oils and for the extraction of active substances from plant- and animal-derived raw materials


• reactive chemicals for chemical synthesis in laboratories

Production of health care products
  • a component for topical anesthesia (freezing)
  • a component for wart removers
Refrigeration equipment

• a cooling agent for industrial and domestic refrigerating units, air conditioners

Metal and machine industry

• a component for special welding and brazing gases
• a chemical reagent for surface-degreasing products


• alternative environmentally friendly fuel for gas or gas-diesel internal combustion engines
• household fuel
• fuel for gas turbine power units

Food and beverages
  • Carbonated drinks
  • Preservatives