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Custom orders

Customized compositions

Aerosolex experts are ready to assist you in the development of custom compositions for:

  • cooling agents for individual use, including those containing ammonia and other cooling agents
  • manufacturing of alternative, environmentally friendly fuels for gas and gas-diesel internal combustion engines
  • synthesis, i.e. for the production of dimethyl sulfate and other chemical intermediates
  • manufacturing of surface degreasers for leather dressing

If you have other questions regarding Propelan® dimethyl ether grades and formulations, please write to our technical support service at:


Propelan® Tech

It is used for the production of household chemicals, aerosol coatings, and foamed thermal insulating materials

Propelan® Extra

It is used for the production of cosmetic, hair and body care products

Propelan® High

It is used for the production of polyurethane foams and their cleaners

Propelan® Pure

It is used as a reactive chemical in chemical synthesis and manufacturing of healthcare products