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Propelan® Extra


Parameter Result, Metric units
Mass content of DME Not less than 99.99 %
Mass content of methanol Not more than 10 ppm
Mass content of water Not more than 10 ppm
Mass content of alkanes+CO2 Not more than 10 ppm
Mass content of methyl-tret-butyl-ether отсутствует
Mass content of methyl formate None
Mass content of ethyl aldehyde None
Mass content of acetone None
Mass content of methyl-ethyl ketone None


A combination of polymers and their solvents is used in production of aerosol products for hair and body. At the same time, an important property of these products is good application effect, which requires the homogeneity of the multicomponent mass and the propellants used.

The properties of Propelan® Extra dimethyl ether provide a high level of solubility in a wide range of components of polymer-ethyl alcohol-propellant combination.

At the same time, the polarity of Propelan® Extra dimethyl ether and its good ability to interfuse with water allow the manufacturer to reduce the level of volatile organic compounds in their products, which lessens their adverse impact on the environment. The absence of impurities in Propelan® Extra dimethyl ether makes it a candidate for use in cosmetic products meant to come in contact with human skin.

Recommended industries

Cosmetic products

Hair sprays, body deodorants, mousses and styling foams for hair and other cosmetics


Propelan® Tech

It is used for the production of household chemicals, aerosol coatings, and foamed thermal insulating materials

Propelan® High

It is used for the production of polyurethane foams and their cleaners

Propelan® Pure

It is used as a reactive chemical in chemical synthesis and manufacturing of healthcare products

Custom orders

Customized product formulation according to the needs of the customer

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