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Propelan® High


Parameter Result, Metric units
Mass content of DME Not less than 99.99 %
Mass content of methanol Not more than 10 ppm
Mass content of water Not more than 10 ppm
Mass content of alkanes+CO2 Not more than 10 ppm


Propelan® High dimethyl ether is widely used in the production of polyurethane foams.

The main purpose of Propelan® High is to reduce the viscosity of the pre-polymer and to significantly increase the usable shelf life of stored foam products.

Application of this grade for custom formulations in combination with or in the case of substitution of hydrocarbon propellants using different initial components of polymer and solvent allows our customers to achieve the highest end-product quality while optimizing production costs.

Recommended industries

Construction materials

Polyurethane foam, foam cleaners


Propelan® Tech

It is used for the production of household chemicals, aerosol coatings, and foamed thermal insulating materials

Propelan® Extra

It is used for the production of cosmetic, hair and body care products

Propelan® Pure

It is used as a reactive chemical in chemical synthesis and manufacturing of healthcare products

Custom orders

Customized product formulation according to the needs of the customer