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Propelan® Tech



Parameter Result, Metric units
Mass content of DME Not less than 99.9 %
Mass content of methanol Not more than 10 ppm
Mass content of water Not more than 100 ppm


Propelan® Tech dimethyl ether is both a polar and non-polar solvent, which makes it applicable to different industries, while helping to minimize manufacturing costs.

When used in the production of household products, Propelan® Tech dimethyl ether helps to improve the aerosol solubility in water due to its hydrogen-bond-making property – the property of a polar solvent, which offers the advantage of being able to increase the volume of water while concomitantly reducing the amount of co-solvent in the end-product composition.

In the aerosol coatings industry, the properties the Propelan® Tech dimethyl ether non-polar solvent affords the manufacturer to change the proportions of solid components and co-solvents in the end-product, which improves the quality of application and diffusion, e.g. of aerosol paints.

The application of Propelan® Tech dimethyl ether for XPS board production helps to reduce the polymer consumption rate, to improve the XPS structure, to reduce the amount of waste, and to de-gas the board of foaming agents quickly.

Dimethyl ether Propelan® Tech is a component of special welding and brazing gases and is a highly efficient solvent for the degreasing of various surfaces and products.

The universal dissolving ability of Propelan® Tech dimethyl ether and the ability to interfuse with the components of the aerosol composition provide a wide range of applications in combination with other kinds of hydrocarbon propellants and with hydrogen fluorocarbon aerosols.


Recommended industries

Household chemicals

Room sprays and air fresheners, repellents, antistatic agents, polishes, cleaners, disinfectants and other products

Paints and coatings

Aerosol paints, varnishes, enamels

Metal and machine industry

A component for special welding and brazing gases, a chemical reagent for surface-degreasing products

Construction materials

foamed thermal insulating materials, extruded polystyrene (XPS)


Propelan® Extra

It is used for the production of cosmetic, hair and body care products

Propelan® High

It is used for the production of polyurethane foams and their cleaners

Propelan® Pure

It is used as a reactive chemical in chemical synthesis and manufacturing of healthcare products

Custom orders

Customized product formulation according to the needs of the customer

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