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Hydrocarbon gases

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These are industrial-use liquefied gases.
The main gases used as propellants are propane, butane, propane/butane mixtures, isobutane, and their various mixtures.Further refined liquefied gases, known as aerosol hydrocarbon propellants or hydrocarbon propellants, and fractions with minimum sulphur content that come directly from gas separation units, are also widely used for industrial purposes.
In aerosol production, these products help to separate water-based solution of active ingredients from liquid propellant into two liquid phases while also creating an extra gas phase composed of propellant vapours.
Hydrocarbon gases and their mixtures are produced under the GOST R 52087–2003 national standard.
Hydrocarbon propellants produced in Russia have different properties depending on the manufacturer, refining technology, and mixture of components, and are subject to the manufacturer’s technical regulations.

Product range of liquefied gases

Brand Name OKP code
(All-Russian Classification of Products)
PT Technical propane 02 7236 0101
PA Automotive propane 02 7239 0501
PBA Automotive propane-butane 02 7239 0502
PBT Technical propane-butane 02 7236 0102
BT Technical butane 02 7236 0103

Recommended Industries

Cosmetic products

Hair sprays, body deodorants, mousses and styling foams for hair and other cosmetics

Household chemicals

Room sprays and air fresheners, repellents, antistatic agents, polishes, cleaners, disinfectants and other products

Construction materials

Polyurethane foam, foamed thermal insulating materials, extruded polystyrene (XPS)

Paints and coatings

Aerosol paints, varnishes, enamels