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Other gases include compressed air, nitrogen, and carbon dioxide.

Compressed gases can be used as propellants for liquid spraying or as additional components for the foaming agent. With its chemical inertness, low temperature of transition to liquid, and easily available production technology, nitrogen is widely used across industries.

Nitrogen has many industrial uses in oil and gas, metals, mining, food, and pulp and paper sectors. While carbon dioxide is mostly applied in the food industry, compressed air has a wide range of uses, from standard industrial air systems with no special air quality requirements to absolutely dry, oil-free and sterile compressed air in the pharmaceutical or food industry.

Liquefied gases have recently become increasingly popular in aerosol production as part of the new Bag-On-Valve (BOV) packaging technology.

Recommended Industries

Production of health care products

A component for topical anesthesia (freezing) and wart removers

Metal and machine industry

A component for special welding and brazing gases, a chemical reagent for surface-degreasing products

Food and beverages

Carbonated drinks



It is commonly used as a cheap inert component of XPS insulation boards