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Main/ Service
  • Own stainless steel 20ft tank-containers T-50
  • Just-in-time delivery service
  • Satellite delivery tracking system
  • Compliance with all necessary safety requirements
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Laboratory analysis
  • In-house laboratory for quality control of incoming materials and outgoing products
  • Laboratory analysis and testing at the customer’s request
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Technology licensing

The proprietary technology and our experience in design, construction, and operation of a high-purity dimethyl ether production plant allows Aerosolex to become a technologу partner for your similar projects

Related products
  • Development of custom compositions of propellants
  • Different components and compound product supplies at the customer’s request
Technical support and consulting
  • Delivery of propellants and storage support
  • Assistance in the design of liquefied gas storage
  • Consulting on work with liquefied gases