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Stable and environmentally
safe operation
Emission monitoring

Proprietary production technology

Our manufacturing process is based on an advanced method for dehydrating methanol via a catalytic intermolecular reaction.
Patented technology
Our technology of high-purity DME production is patented, with Aerosolex LLC owning the patent
Environmentally friendly
The production cycle is entirely leak-proof, which precludes any adverse environmental impact

Production cycle

The production cycle has 5 stages, from raw-materials processing to delivery of the end product to clients.

Automated production facility

Operating System from a leading vendor

All automatic system elements are linked into an integral production control system, which was created and programmed specifically for the needs and technology of Aerosolex.

Production Control System

The automatization of the production control system minimizes human involvement. Only two employees per shift are able to control the facility’s production process.

Automatic Safety System

If any of the controlled parameters exceed the determined limits, the system will automatically switch all facility systems into safe mode.

Labor-cost optimization

The total production plant personnel is 30 employees.

In-house laboratory

The in-house laboratory of Aerosolex is equipped with modern equipment and highly-qualified experts providing real-time monitoring of incoming materials and control of outgoing product. Additional testing is available at the customer’s request.

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Aerosolex is a manufacturer of 99.99% pure Propelan® dimethyl ether under a licensed production technology.
Aerosolex is ready to become a technology licensor for your project.