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We supply products and solutions made of local raw materials for the needs and growth of our partners’ businesses in a number of industries, while manufacturing environmentally-friendly, safe, high-performance convenience goods.

We make use of the latest technologies, processes, and solutions to improve the efficiency of our business and grow the company’s product portfolio.

Constantly optimizing our business model, we strive to share our success with partners through integration and cooperation, to grow with them, to create additional value for shareholders, and to improve our employees’ well-being.

Our goal

Our company’s business model is based on supplying our customers with a high-quality product satisfying their needs with convenient terms and fast delivery.

Environmentally friendly

Maintaining a modern, environmentally safe production facility and protecting the environment from harmful external impacts are our company’s priorities.
The production plant is equipped with leak-proof equipment and pumps, and features multiple automatic system monitoring the air for harmful substances as well as autonomous cleaning and self-cleaning systems to address emissions and production waste.

When production-cycle indicators deviate from the normal range, a warning system at the production facility informs the Central Control Desk, and the production process is halted automatically.