Isobutane | Aerosolex


Isobutane is a colourless flammable gas without odour. It is an easily liquefied hydrocarbon of the alkane class. It is highly soluble in organic solvents such as water, ethers, esters and alcohols, and it can easily transit to a liquidphase. Like some other grades of liquefied hydrocarbon gases, isobutane is used for extruded polystyrene, foamedpolyethylene and polypropylene, polyurethane foams andcorrosion preventive compounds and adhesives forsoundproofing, waterproofing solutions, and vapourbarriers.

Recommended Industries

Cosmetic products

Hair sprays, body deodorants, mousses and styling foams for hair and other cosmetics

Household chemicals

Room sprays and air fresheners, repellents, antistatic agents, polishes, cleaners, disinfectants and other products

Refrigeration equipment

Cooling agent for industrial and domestic refrigeration units and air conditioners

Construction materials

Polyurethane foam, foam cleaners